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Independent real estate appraisers and advisors providing consistent, diligent and reliable valuation solutions throughout Manitoba for more than twenty years. Our core business is industrial, commercial, and agricultural appraisals, as well as machinery and equipment appraisals.

Thorvaldson Appraisal Ltd., through its affiliation with Verra Group Valuation, forms part of a team having a broad scope of knowledge and  experience, and benefits from access to national level data and knowledge.

Darrell Thorvaldson AACI, P.App., ASA, P.Ag., Q.Arb.

Managing Partner 

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Accredited real estate appraisers are recognized by many courts as experts in matters related to real estate valuation. As such, we are often called on to undertake specialized analysis related to expropriation or other government or legislative related purposes. 



Cost services include estimating the reproduction or replacement cost of built and site improvements for insurance purposes, as well as provision of cost and progress inspection reports associated with mortgage financing. 


Our qualified in-house machinery & equipment valuer is able to assist clients in the valuation of specialized equipment and chattel for a variety of purposes.


 Our reports are accepted world-wide and meet international valuation standards established by the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) and the European Valuation Standards (EVS). 


Over the past 25 years, we have appraised agricultural and agri-business property located throughout Manitoba.  We are experienced and knowledgeable in the complexities and dynamics of rural valuation.  We travel throughout Manitoba and we know the rural markets - from the RM of Piney in the Southeastern Manitoba, to the RM of Stanley in the Pembina Valley, to the RM of Two Borders in the Southwestern Manitoba, to all Parkland municipalities and to the RM of Grahamdale in Manitoba’s Interlake.  We provide you with reasonable, comprehensive and detailed agricultural appraisal reports. 


We are experienced in providing comprehensive appraisal reports on all types of commercial real estate in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba.   Office markets, retail markets, stores, support buildings of all different use schemes, types, building construction designs and features.  We know these unique Manitoba markets and have built our reputation on our high quality, consistent and professional appraisal reports.   

Industrial properties are the economic engine of a community, and we have solid experience appraising heavy industrial plants and light industrial manufacturing and warehouse real estate.  For over 25 years, we have appraised industrial properties throughout Manitoba including Winnipeg, Brandon, Dauphin, Winkler, Morden and in the north including Thompson, Gillam and The Pas.  We have experience providing comprehensive appraisal reports on all types of industrial real estate in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba.  


We provide general consultancy and advisory related services related to all types of ICI real estate, institutional property types, as well as for all classes of vacant land.


Valuation of vacant land can be a complex function that is tied to the fundamental concept of Highest & Best Use.


In forming an opinion of the highest and best use, there are essentially four stages of analysis: the potential use must be physically possible and legally permissible, there must be a profitable demand for such a use, and it must return to the land the highest net return for the longest period of time.


We are fully qualified as designated appraisers and have completed residential appraisals on single family homes, strata titled condominiums, acreage properties and recreational properties for financing purposes, legal and estate purposes, taxation, purchase and sale and marketing purposes.   

Commercial Arbitration

While there are different types of arbitrations, commercial arbitration pursuant to a contract usually begins with one party giving another party notice that they wish to arbitrate. Contract provisions are referenced along with the general nature of the claim or the issues to be arbitrated. Darrell Thorvaldson Q.Arb is a member in good standing with the ADR Institute of Canada (ADRIC) and the Regional Affiliate ADR Institute of Manitoba (ADRIM). He is available to discuss your need to appoint a commercial arbitrator. 



Professionalism & Integrity

Accredited AACI professionals are required to provide unbiased and completely objective opinions of value.  

 Learn more about our professional responsibility here.

 The foundation of VerraGroup is our uncompromising conviction-based leadership.  

Our focus is to reach and pivot to a new professional equilibrium in the Canadian Valuation industry

- to ensure that every report has been thoroughly completed with the highest level of professional analysis.  

In-depth Local Knowledge - National Perspective

 We recognize that in-depth local knowledge is essential for provision of accurate and sound valuation analysis and advice, and that such knowledge must be complemented with a broader regional and national perspective.  

To ensure the highest possible level of service to our clientele, Verra Group Valuation is building a national team of highly-motivated professionals having diverse knowledge and experience. 

We Listen Carefully and Strive to Add Value

A valuation report that provides a value, but doesn't go far enough to solve the client's problem or burning need may be useless. We're not in the business of providing you with something you don't need. We  always strive to understand our clients' goals and requirements, and then tailor our services to meet those needs. 

This approach is key to our primary goal of adding value where ever possible.



Through our affiliation with VerraGroup, we are able to accept and undertake large and complex assignments by leveraging the collective knowledge,  experience and manpower of our national team of professionals, as well as through access to national level data.

VerraGroup professionals are accredited members of the Appraisal Institute of Canada

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